Eco-friendly Public Area Cleaning Solutions

The Gum Removal Vehicle

Gum Removal Vehicle

The Gum Removal Vehicle (GRV), an Australian made and highly visible product is helping to ‘educate’ the public and ‘eradicate’ the problem of chewing gum and minor litter. Energy efficient, the GRV is a solar powered 48 volt battery operated electric vehicle that uses the world's best practice steam machine to remove chewing gum at a rate of up to 700 pieces per hour using only three litres of water.

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SKiPPY - Multi Media City Cleaning

(Public Area Cleaning & Educational Resource)

The all-new PACER takes the standard Gum Removal Vehicle to exciting new levels in public education and corporate involvement in creating cleaner, more vibrant communities. The PACER’s on-board, high-visibility LED screens enable councils and other agencies to promote public awareness and educational messages whilst the vehicle is actively utilising its hi-tech, eco-friendly capabilities in gum and micro-litter removal and street furniture sanitisation.

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Glutton Street Litter Vacuum

Glutton Street Litter Vacuum

The Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner is a mobile, very easy to handle and self-propelled machine, able to collect all kinds of waste that can pass through a tube 12.5cm in diameter. It deals efficiently with both industrial and urban waste: paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic or metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood, steel and aluminium chips etc.

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ecosweep sm

ecoSweep360 Vaccum Sweeper

The ecoSweep360 is a revolutionary product that features world-first technology to provide quiet, emission free, and environmentally friendly sweeping solutions all in a compact and easy to use design.




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The University of Queensland’s new outdoor cleaning solution, the ‘Glutton’, is a dust-, noise- and exhaust-free litter vacuum that will reduce the University’s carbon emissions by approximately four tonnes each year.

The vacuum operates on batteries recharged during daylight hours by solar renewable energy generated from UQ’s solar photovoltaic panels.

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Originally trading as Gum Removal Vehicle Pty Ltd , we brought one of the first battery electric city cleaning systems to market in 2007.  Now trading as SAVi City Cleaning we have expanded our product range of specialised battery electric cleaning systems supplied to Councils and Facility Management companies with worlds best equipment.

We source from around the globe and specialise in the most environmentally sound, battery electric equipment available. This equipment is Zero emission battery electric “Best in Class”, no more diesel motors rumbling around the city, no more two stroke motors disturbing the peace.

With city living comes the need to clean in quiet and sensitive ways, SAVi City Cleaning offers a one stop shop for sales, training and service in this unique and growing market.

Whatever your needs contact us for advice and a new way of looking at environmentally sound cleaning methodologies.

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